Boston Marathon Bombings – Act of Terrorism? Let’s not get Ahead of Ourselves

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April 19, 2013 by gabnormal

First, I’ll get the obligatory statement of; what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday was terrible. The loss those families affected have suffered is tragic, inconceivable and obviously unnecessary. My heart truly does go out to them in the aftermath of yet another act of senseless violence; out of the way. Because really, this was a tragedy in the truest sense of the word

Now, I would like to explore the politics of this issue.

Why in the fuck is Boston on lockdown? I fully understand the concept of security and keeping people safe in the wake of a violent attack on a large group of people, but really, all of New York wasn’t put on lockdown after 9/11, when, if you think about it, the city should have been, not just a lockdown on air traffic, which is what happened. Lightening never strikes twice. A smart attacker won’t use the same method twice in a case like this, and that applies to any type of attack.

So, what’s up? Why are fully armed militiamen roaming the streets of Boston, evacuating numerous homes in search of one remaining suspect?

That’s right. A suspect. Not a convicted killer. Officials don’t even know for sure if these two men are the ones who organized the attack.

And one of them has already been killed.

This is stereotyping at its finest my friends. These two Muslim men have already been called terrorists in numerous news sources and if you were alive in September 2001 with enough cognition to feel the fear that was struck into the American psyche, not only through the actual events but through the ensuing fear tactics seen everywhere at home and globally, you know what that means.

I’m not saying these guys are innocent or guilty. Because I don’t know the answer to that any more than I know the answer to what Dennis Rodman ate for breakfast.

What I am saying is that stereotypes are based in fear and used as fear tactics. Since 9/11 Muslims and people who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent have suffered in the United States, often seen and portrayed as terrorists.

If the suspects were two white men, two black men or two Asian men, would they be called terrorists?

Probably not.

Maybe the two Muslim, Chechen men did do it. But, for now, labeling them as terrorists is taking it too far. When it comes to violence, crime and the like, report the facts. Not your opinions.

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