“Feminists” Make Me Hate Feminists


April 26, 2013 by gabnormal

It’s high time I posed about this, because it’s important.

I really don’t like the word feminist. Actually, I think I have more of a problem with the stupid negative connotations that go along with the word. Because being a feminist means being pro-women’s rights. (See: feminism) and quite obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that.

This being said, over time the term feminist has been linked to everything ranging from crazy bitch to man-hater; dyke lesbian to wahhhhh. (See: angry female who wants full personhood; angry female who doesn’t appreciate the way she’s treated by many men; woman who rejects the societal beauty standards placed on her and/or just likes looking that way; and victim who is voicing her hardship).

All of these perceived negative connotations not only give feminism a bad name but also make many women not want to be labeled as a feminist.

Where did the feminist stereotype come from? The few and far between that yell and shout thereby giving the impression that all feminists are “crazy” based upon a representative sample that is most often portrayed in the media. At least that’s my theory. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and quiet people sitting behind computer screens don’t make for a good TV news story.

Again, stereotype. Again, not true.

Also, anyone can be a feminist. Not just women (see: above).

Conclusively, scientific studies have proven that being a feminist does not mean someone is a crazy bitch, nor that they hate men, because surprise! Men can be feminists too

One thought on ““Feminists” Make Me Hate Feminists

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