Evolutionary Husband Ad Just As Bad As Every Other Gender Stereotype


May 24, 2013 by gabnormal

Samsung recently released another ad heavily steeped in gender stereotypes, this time aimed at caveman-like husbands.

I have two problems with the issues surrounding this ad. One stems from the way that mens rights activist groups have reacted to it, as explained more thoroughly in this article from the Huffington Post.

Okay, seriously I understand being offended by it. If I were an intelligent male of any racial background I would be offended too. These men are perfectly within their right to feel this way, but I think the reason behind their feelings is coming from the wrong place due to the fact that it is so me-centric and self-centered.

Let me explain, the damage done to men by this ad is minimal. There are few of its kind, and the stereotype of the caveman-like husband is nowhere near as prevalent or damaging to men as the stereotypes forced upon women.

My second problem with this ad is the fact that it is perpetuating stereotypes in general. The male – female stereotypes that exist today feed off of each other and perpetuate each other. Making the comparison immediately creates teh sense that one is better than the other, which is obviously untrue.

Solution? Get rid of all stereotypes. not all women are dumb whores who belong in the kitchen and not all men are idiots who only care about cheesesteaks and sex. There are a few outliers, but outliers should never define a group.

Check out the ad here:

One thought on “Evolutionary Husband Ad Just As Bad As Every Other Gender Stereotype

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