Exxon Mobil Wants to Kill Not Only the Natural Environment, but the Social One Too.

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May 31, 2013 by gabnormal

Exxon Mobil is facing a lawsuit for discrimination based upon sexual orientation.

A month after the oil giant’s second spill into an Arkansas pipeline, Freedom to Work has put together a lawsuit based on two almost identical job applications submitted to Exxon. The two fake applicants went to the same high school, graduated the same community college the same year, however one of the main differences is that one was part of a feminist group, while the other was active in a gay rights group. The applicant who was active in the gay rights group also had better grades in both high school and college, held a higher position at their previous job and also had more responsibility, making them the better candidate from the start.

Tests like these – where two applications are sent to an employer to see if they are guilty of discriminating – always had me skeptical. I just feel as though it’s not the best way to determine such a thing, and that there needs to be a definite, concrete example in order to prosecute someone for discrimination.

But what made me think that Exxon truly is discriminating against gay and lesbian applicants is the fact that the company called the lesser qualified, non-gay applicant, for an interview with no response. They called again, there was no  answer. They then called a third time and said they would leave the position open until Dec. 21, a week after the original phone call.

Check out the graph in this article to get a better perspective.




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