Snap Chat for STD’s – There’s a New App in Town, and it DOESN’T Have Anything to do With Social Media

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June 3, 2013 by gabnormal

The new app on the block is called and it’s aimed primarily at teens in America and making the conversations they should be having about STD’s a little bit easier.

Company founder Ramin Bastani created the app after he was slapped in the face when he asked a girl if she had been tested for any sexually transmitted infections or diseases, his goal was to take the sting out of the normally uncomfortable conversation.

The way the app works is it allows users to access their test results online and send them to another person using a link via text message. The link then vanishes after it has been sent, so this is kind of like Snap Chat for the STD conversation, the person sending the link doesn’t have to worry as much about their personal results being shared with the entire world.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has been introduced to this app and told to use it as they see fit. LAUSD has spoken to their students and realized that teens are interested and open to using the new form of technology.

With such a deep interest in the app it’s hard to make the claim that kids these days are too reckless with their bodies. Maybe all of these PSA’s have finally started to work.

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