What Kind of (Insert Ethnic Background Here) Are You?

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June 3, 2013 by gabnormal

My black friends get this pretty often.

“What kind of black are you?”

And my bi-racial friends get this all the time.

“What mix are you?”

And yes, my Korean friends have been asked,

“What kind of Asian are you?”

As part of Comedy Week (I’m late, I know) this video attacks these exceedingly rude questions in a funny way – and I personally think it’s hilarious – thereby shedding light on how ridiculous and unnecessary they are.

Questions like these become a lesson in manners for many. At this point in history, we’ve moved (or I hope we as a society have moved) past the importance of ethnic backgrounds in terms of using a persons heritage to determine how they should be treated. Additionally, asking questions such as these in this type of format is the most rude way of forcing a stereotype upon someone.

And really, who cares what some stranger on the streets ethnic background is? Unless you’re actually friends with the person, don’t ask. It’s none of your business. And, if you are going to ask, find a more polite way of asking, such as “What’s your ethnic/racial heritage/background?”

See? Was that so hard?

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