China Decides it Can Play Morality Police and Tries to Fine Unwed Mothers

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June 10, 2013 by gabnormal

The newest shock wave to hit China since Baby 59 is the new legislation which targets unwed mothers, and aims to fine them for knowingly bearing children out of wedlock.

This new legislation calls its fines “social compensation fees” – because after all, children born to unwed mothers are a disgusting detriment to society – and are supposedly meant to “intensify family planning management and keep the birth rate at a low level.”


More than likely the only thing this new legislation would accomplish are more abortions and abandoned babies due now not only to the social stigma that many Chinese women face when becoming single parents but the added expense that more than likely would be impossible to afford.


Now let’s talk about who this legislation is aimed at.

It’s no surprise but no less abhorrent that this law is aimed solely at Chinese mothers. Since when have women been able to create children by themselves? If China really wants to place such a ridiculous law on its people then they should at least “punish” both parents equally, because it’s not as though men don’t play a part in procreation.

The fact that Chinese government thinks it has the right to enforce such restrictions shows how out of touch it is with its own people and their needs. Unwanted and unplanned pregnancies stem from a lack of education about proper birth control methods, because although abstinence is the only absolute, surefire way of not getting pregnant, the reality is that very few people wait until they are ready to have children before having sex. Rather than turning a blind eye to the facts, if Chinese government wishes to see a decrease in the birth rate they should invest in proper birth control education.

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