Some Cities Keep Their Women in Harms Way – How Domestic Violence Leads to Homelessness


June 14, 2013 by gabnormal

Many cities have limits to the amount of times police can be called to resolve domestic violence cases before they send an ordinance to the tenants landlord, ordering eviction.

Essentially, in most cases it’s three strikes you’re out. The police will respond to all calls, and make arrests if necessary, then follow with an ordinance to the landlord ordering eviction of the victim.

More often than not, this effects women who have found themselves stuck in abusive relationships. Laws such as these not only target women who are already in tight situations, it makes everything ten times worse for them.

Many people who have never been unfortunate enough to be in an abusive relationship don’t realize that it’s not as simple as “just leave his ass.” Because it is almost never that easy for women who suffer constant, domestic abuse. These women are dealing with controlling, impulsive, manipulative partners who will stop at almost nothing to make sure they have power over their victim. Additionally, the psychological component to this is what usually causes these women to stay. They think that despite the abuse, their partner loves them. More often than not they have been convinced into thinking that no other man will love them, a typical ploy used to make sure that the victim does not leave.

Despite the fact that police will make arrests, more often than not the abuser will be released, and a restraining order is necessary. However, how would the victim be able to get a restraining order when they don’t even have a roof over their head? Laws such as these need to be abolished, and in their place a series of actions need to be put that get these women out of harms way and into a place where they will receive the education and resources to help them realize that they need a way out, and that there is a way out.


One thought on “Some Cities Keep Their Women in Harms Way – How Domestic Violence Leads to Homelessness

  1. You are exactly right… DV and homelessness in women go hand in hand… So sad that this happens..

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