Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings for Girls – Fact or Fiction?

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June 19, 2013 by gabnormal

The newest fashion trend sweeping China are these hairy stockings, meant for warding off perverts who may be cat-calling young girls now that summer is here and skirts and dresses are the norm.

The theory behind these atrocious looking things is that by wearing them creeps will be turned off and young girls and women in China won’t have to deal with perverts trying to hit on them.

There’s more than one problem with this new form of fashion, one of them being that they may not even exist. It’s easy to notice that these tights can’t actually be found in stores. The original posting doesn’t have a link to where they can be purchased and they haven’t actually been seen being sported by Chinese youth. The Atlantic Wire has even called them “the greatest joke Weibo ever played.”

Additionally, the fact that so many people thought these were real is a problem in and of itself. Because of that, it’s obvious that there is an actual need for them. Meaning that sexual harassment is so rampant girls need to disguise themselves as hairy men in order to be left alone.

There’s something wrong here. Women, of any age, shouldn’t have to make themselves look ugly or unattractive in order to be left alone. It’s been said so many times but when will the day come that a woman can walk out of the house wearing a skirt/dress/any article of mildly revealing clothing and not be harassed for it?

Yesterday, I went to the liquor store with two of my friends, who are a heterosexual, bi-racial couple. My female friend is three-quarters Chinese, one-quarter White and presents as being one hundred percent Chinese. She was wearing a white romper (which essentially looked like this) and pink flats. As her boyfriend and I were walking down one of the isles to meet her, an older black man said to her “Mmmmm, this isle sure is looking good right now!”

To this her boyfriend said, “Whenever I take this girl anywhere I have to stand next to her the entire time, holding a handgun.”

And it’s true. This is not the first time I have gone out with this couple to a public place and she has been subjected to such treatment from complete strangers.

Maybe the world does need hairy stockings.

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