Mark Frauenfelder’s Daughter Harassed by TSA Officer

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June 24, 2013 by gabnormal

Boing Boing founder Mark Frauenfelder’s daughter was going through airport security when a TSA officer scolded her, saying that she needed to “cover up.”

Since the incident TSA has said that they are conducting an investigation on what happened that day.

It’s none of the TSA officer’s business what this girl was wearing. I don’t care if she was walking through the airport wearing a G-String, pasties and stripper heels. That’s her prerogative. This officer is not her parent and has absolutely no right to say what is or isn’t appropriate for her to be wearing. Learn your boundaries, and respect them. Being a TSA officer does not make you master ruler of the world, so keep your opinions (however creepy they may be) to yourself.

The only reason this story is receiving so much press coverage is because it involves Frauenfelder’s daughter, but the fact of the matter is this happens on a regular basis, not only with women going through airport security who deal with the TSA but also between women and other people who are in positions considered to be powerful.

Police, firefighters, military personnel, teachers and other positions of power abuse said position on a daily basis. This is seen through acts of humiliation, like the one mentioned above, and through much more damaging ways as well.

They get away with it because these professions are considered admirable, and anyone in this position would be considered a good person, someone who would never take advantage of the power society affords them.

Unfortunately, in some cases, they do take advantage of the power afforded to them. And unfortunately, many people suffer as a consequence.



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