Transgender First-Grader Can Use the Bathroom – Landmark Case in Colorado

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June 26, 2013 by gabnormal

Coy Mathis who was born male but identifies as female can now return to school and use the girls bathroom.

This is the first type of case held in the United States and has served as a landmark ruling in favor of transgender people across the nation. Coy and her family won under grounds of Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act. This case has shown that not only transgender adults, but youth and students must be treated equally and is a huge win in the fight for equality.

Studies have shown that an enormous amount of transgender students grades kindergarten through senior year of high school face an upsetting amount of harassment from not only their peers but also from faculty and staff at their schools.

Not to mention certain media sources that feel the need to publicly demean and mock members of the transgender community, which only reinforces the harassment these people face on a daily basis.

I couldn’t be happier for Coy and her family, and couldn’t be more proud of the justice system in Colorado for this case.

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