Leave Your Values Out of My Decisions

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July 8, 2013 by gabnormal

I wrote this article for PolicyMic.com. The article is okay, but what I find really interesting are the comments.

I’ve been catching a lot of heat for including Wendy Davis (aka Texan Badass) on the list. More than a few conservative pundits on the site have been saying that Davis promotes murder, what she’s doing is disgusting, etc.

What I don’t – and never will – understand, is why people become so interested in other peoples business, nor why people become so angry and defensive of their own beliefs while simultaneously forcing their own beliefs down others throats.

It’s my body, and I do what the fuck I want with it. If I get pregnant and want to get an abortion, I will. No one will tell me otherwise. If someone disagrees with abortion, then they don’t have to get one if they get pregnant! It’s simple as that. You lead your life, I lead mine. Leave your values and whatever the fuck else out of it because according to you I obviously have got none.



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