Billboard for Equinox Gym Raises Eyebrows and Ruffles Feathers

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July 10, 2013 by gabnormal


A billboard ad for Equinox gym in the D.C area featuring a scantily-clad woman crawling across a billiards table has people clamoring for its removal.

Sexism Matters, a group looking to dismantle the everyday sexism that permeates our society, have started a petition to have the billboard removed.

The image, which is both sexist and pointless in this context, has angered not only members of Sexism Matters, but also parents whose children walk past the billboard daily on their way to school.

Obviously, this image perpetuates sexism, portrays women as something to be stared at and valued only for their appearance and nothing else, which is reinforced by the fact that this is an ad for a gym, a place where it is quite evident that almost everyone in there is there for the sole purpose of getting in shape and looking better.

But that’s the thing. Why is this an ad for a gym? I’ve seen some pretty crazy (see: hilarious) getups while at the gym – like the middle-aged woman who had a mullet and a braided rat tail down to her hips, but that’s another story – but I’ve never seen a woman wearing a barely-there dress and heels. And what is she doing on a pool table? They don’t have those at the gym I go to. This incredibly – possibly overly – sexy ad image would be much better suited for, I don’t know, a games and billiards store? But not a gym.

This part has me so confused it almost distracts entirely from the fact that this sexist image sets advertising back 30 years.

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