Better Sex Ed in High Schools Could Help Eliminate the Abortion Debate Altogether

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July 12, 2013 by gabnormal

I’ve made this argument before but it’s literally becoming all that much more important as the days go by.

Teach kids from a relatively early age how to prevent pregnancy and there won’t even be nearly as much of a need for abortion in the first place.

Fuck all the debates and liberal vs. conservative ideologies. Promoting abstinence has obviously failed due to the incredibly high number of unwanted pregnancies in teens and young adults. Whatever the reason, whether it be a growing culture of sexual freedom, a rejection of parents religious values or whatever else, teaching abstinence to kids in high school simply isn’t effective. I feel like the whole forbidden fruit thing applies here too.

Teach kids about condoms, the birth control pill, spermicide and diaphragms (although the last two aren’t as effective as the first) and there won’t be nearly as many unwanted pregnancies to begin with. Yes, accidents do happen. You miss a pill, the condom breaks (rare but possible) something happens and there is a resulting unwanted pregnancy, but with success rates of 95% and up when used correctly, birth control is the way to go.

The problem is, kids aren’t being taught in school how to effectively use birth control. My high school stressed abstinence, but also taught us about how different BC pills work and the hormones involved in them. They showed us condoms and told us not to use our teeth to open the package because it could tear the latex. They brought in about four different cans of spermicide and explained that although it kills sperm but isn’t as effective as other methods.

Thinking that kids aren’t going to have sex is just about as stupid as thinking that sex ed class will turn kids on enough to make them forget to use birth control.

See: Texas Republican legislator’s. State Rep. Steve Toth thinks that teaching kids about sex ed will arouse them to the point of utter idiocy, and once blinded by their raging hormones they will completely disregard any method of pregnancy prevention that they were just taught.

Um….ok. What is going on here? From what I recall, sex ed covers: condoms – lubricated vs. non-lubricated, estrogen vs. progesterone, dental dams, spermicide, lube, diaphragms and lest we not forget – since the topics go hand in hand – graphic photos of herpes sores and genital warts, the effects of syphilis, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea and chlamydia all being taught to awkward high school kids by either the school nurse or one of the gym teachers.

Health class, sex ed, whatever you call it, is awkward. No one leaves feeling even remotely turned on. Anyone who went through a thorough education in the field of sexual health knows this. My guess is Texas legislature doesn’t have a clue.

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