Erick Erickson Disgusts Liberals and Conservatives With Tasteless Tweet

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July 15, 2013 by gabnormal

In the wee hours of Saturday morning following the passing of a strict abortion bill in Texas, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson (seriously, WHO NAMES THEIR KID THAT?!) tweeted possibly the most offensive thought he could provide to his followers.

Erick Erickson coat hanger tweet


Since then, outrage has come from both liberals and conservatives, whether they follow Erickson on Twitter or not.

Obviously, liberals take offense for the reason that this “joke” tweet was blatantly offensive and rude. Erickson said that his tweet was “mocking their [liberals] hyperbole.” It’s my guess that he has no idea why so many pro-choice activists use the coat hanger during demonstrations and as a powerful source of imagery.

The term “coat hanger abortion” is one that comes from botched abortions taken out on young girls who don’t have access to an actual, sterile clinic. “Back alley abortion” is another commonly used phrase. Both of these are based in fact. Philadelphia physician, for lack of a better term, Kermit Gosnell is the prime example of both of these phrases put to use. Gosnell was known for not only delivering live babies and then snipping their spinal chords with scissors, but using a mix of unregulated medications to do so all inside an incredibly filthy center, where unsanitary medical tools were used, blood stained the floor and blankets patients were resting on and women died due to lack of proper medical attention.

Mocking the usage of coat hangers as imagery for abortion debates mocks everything listed above. It mocks the medical mistreatment and death of women, those who are mostly black or Hispanic, who never had access to a proper abortion clinic. Way to be, Erickson. You have illustrated in more ways than one why you just don’t get it.

Conservatives too, have shown outrage. And they’re right in their arguments. Not only do they agree that Erickson’s statement is insensitive and offensive, but it doesn’t help the conservative argument. Indeed, liberals seeing this will use it going forward for their argument against the War on Women.

Since the post Erickson has removed the actual tweet, and issued a bullshit apology following the backlash.

Erickson apology

His apology didn’t help his case any further.

Erickson apology 2

This guy literally doesn’t get it. He just promoted abortions where women are mutilated with makeshift medical tools (coat hangers, duh) and essentially referenced a case where hundreds of babies were actually murdered, unlike during safe abortions done in proper clinics.

Then, he goes on as if people are being too sensitive. They can’t take a joke. No sense of humor over in the liberal camp, that explains why they’re so angry all the time.

And he calls us kid killers. Way to go Erick Erickson, it’s no surprise you contribute to Fox News. You simultaneously made absolutely no sense and pissed off everyone. Congratulations, that’s a feat I couldn’t achieve if I tried.


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