Rainbow Flag Ban Proposed in Louisiana by Republican Councilman Andy Naquin

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July 15, 2013 by gabnormal

rainbow pride flag

Louisiana Councilman Andy Naquin proposed an ordinance that would ban flying any types of flags on government property that are not directly related to ‘Merica.

This comes after Naquin received a complaint from 79-year-old Korean War Veteren Ray Green, who said that “If you allow the gay pride flag to be flown, then you got to by all rights allow the KKK, the Muslims and anybody else.”

Green made the complaint after a rainbow gay pride flag was hoisted in honor of LGBT Pride Month at Lafayette’s Girard Park.

So basically, Green is uneducated and bigoted enough to associate a religious group with a hateful, racist group who likes to burn crosses on people’s front lawns. And Naquin felt that he should agree with Green’s position.

Got it.

Meanwhile, Naquin has denied being anti-gay and says that he feels that no flags, regardless of affiliation, should be flown on government property if they are not associated with ‘Merica or the government.

America is a land of many different types of people of all races, creeds, backgrounds and whatever else makes each of of individuals. As long as the flag is not associated with anything like hate speech or a history of violence etc, I say let ’em fly.


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