Lulu App Puts Potential Boyfriend Ratings in the Palm of Your Hand


July 17, 2013 by gabnormal


Founder Alexandra Chong says she “created Lulu because my girlfriends and I needed it.”

The app, which was initially created and launched in 2011, is only picking up speed now due to the mild media storm surrounding it. Essentially, opinions on the app are split into two schools of thought. The first, says that this is awful, that it exacerbates the catty nature of women and that if an app like Lulu existed for rating women, there would be public outcry.

The second says that this app is the greatest thing since microwave waffles, praise be.

I’m torn. There’s many aspects to this that need to be looked at. The first being that overall, the concept is kind of stupid. It’s based on personal opinion, which obviously is different depending on who you talk to. Lulu is very reminiscent of, only instead of rating college professors, potential boyfriends, friends and bed mates are not only called out on the things they suck at, but also the things that make them awesome.

The most important thing to look at is the fact that for the most part, this is a very positive app (yes, I downloaded it for research purposes. And yes, it might have turned into my newest guilty pleasure). From what I’ve seen, most of the reviews are in good taste. They don’t use profanity and are constructed in a way that doesn’t really tear down anyone. They’re matter-of-fact reviews that are based in personal opinion and experience.

The way in which women talk about men when they’re bashing them is completely different from the way men talk about women. In my experience a woman is likely to say “That guy is such a dick,” while a man is likely to say “My ex is such a whore.”

The use of sexually-charged terms that are meant to be demeaning is a defining characteristic in the “if this was a site for men…” argument. Even terms like “man whore” just don’t hold the same sting as the word “whore” when it’s directed at a female.

If some dude wants to create an app that rates women, go for it. Fair is fair, it’s acceptable for apps to exist for both genders. That being said, it’s my guess that an app designed for straight guys wouldn’t be as positive as the content you see on Lulu.

Additionally, since the app is so positive in its reviews I don’t really understand the negative reactions towards it. And really, it’s not like people – men and women – don’t already get together and talk about their exes, friends, hookups etc. The only thing I really see Lulu doing is speeding up the word of mouth process that goes on anyway.


One thought on “Lulu App Puts Potential Boyfriend Ratings in the Palm of Your Hand

  1. Don’t agree. First “that guy is such a dick” is in no way any less demeaning than “my ex is such a whore”. The only reason some might think so is because phrases like dick, jerk, looser or douchebag has been used about guys for decades without widespread protest, while the phrase whore has been critizised loudly. So even though whore is just just as much as the male bashing phrases it has never become equally mainstream. You could on the other hand say that the phrase bitch has. This is because girls themselfe have taken the phrase and redefined it in a less demeaning and more cool way (depending on situation and tone).

    The mainstreaming of dick, jerk, looser and douchebag shows that even though both gender gets bashed it is seen as worse when girls are the victims. I think there are two main reasons for this:

    1. Girls are viewed as more fragile and boys as more confident.
    2. Girls can wrap all sorts of nastyness up in purpur and candyfloss. Just look at Lulu.

    Why does Lulu have hashtags as #cheaperthanabigmac, #Big.Feet and #TotalF…….Dickhead? I think you have to be a girl to think thats just fun. How about a more innocent hashtag like #manscaped. If you imagine a reversed app already #ladyscaped would create an uproar. Some say women are rated like this every day. Thats correct, but so are men. That argument is beside the point. There havent been an equivalent to Lulu: linking to girls fb profiles, allowing bouys to anonymously rate them, and as a company even getting funded big time while making the app.

    One of the biggest problems is the lack of protest of the boys. Their pride forces them the acknoledge Lulu as fun, because other wise they wouldnt seem so over confident as they are supposed to. Lulu ought to be forbidden by law.

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