The Trayvon Martin Case Is About Race, But Not Because of George Zimmerman

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July 17, 2013 by gabnormal

Almost every statement made in regards to the shooting of Trayvon Martin is made in terms of race.

This case was not a fight between blacks and whites in terms of Martin v. Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a Hispanic man. This does not mean that he cannot be racist against blacks but what it does mean is that he is not white, which puts this argument in a different perspective.

Where whites do come into play is the jury. This is also where sex and gender come into play, and we as a country are every so painfully reminded of the perpetual white woman’s fear of the black man. Five out of the six jury members were white. This is where, unfortunately, it becomes a fight between black and white.

I had to chew on this for a bit before it came to me, and I realized the tragic error in the courts decision of appointing an all-female, predominantly white jury. This is the error that no one is talking about.

The jury did not see the victim as their son. They did not see him as their nephew, their next door neighbor, the nice boy at the supermarket or the boy playing ball in the street with his friends. As I said in an earlier post today the jurors saw Trayvon as the hoodrat who would corner them in an alley, steal their iPhone out of their car and pimp drugs on the corner.

When you put a hoodrat against a pugdy, kind-faced man named George Zimmerman (the whitest sounding name I’ve heard), it’s no surprise the jury made the decision that they did. This is despite Zimmerman’s previous issues with the law regarding domestic violence and abuse against his ex-fiancee, which was not allowed in the court as evidence.

Had the jury been allowed to take Zimmerman’s previous offenses into consideration, there may have been a different outcome. Because no woman is going to side with a man who is consistently violent against women. At least I would hope.

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