Trayvoning: The Newest Internet Trend That You Can’t Wait to Go Away


July 17, 2013 by gabnormal


Trayvoning is the newest internet meme trend to hit cyberspace in the past week. There’s a growing collection of hoodie-clad, skittle and iced tea bearing teens sprawled on the ground in mock of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Oh, and almost all of the memes are pictures of white kids. #idiots.

First and foremost, mocking the death/murder of anyone is insensitive, disrespectful and wrong. I don’t care who it is. The dead were once a member of a family, they had friends and coworkers and they said hello to the same bank teller every week. They had daily routines and were part of a community. To mock their death is to mock the good in them, no one is perfect but no one deserves to be disrespected like this.


Now let’s add to the fact that a major issue in this case is one involving race. This is already a touchy topic in America to begin with, we don’t need anyone making race relations worse in this country, regardless of the medium they are working with.

George Zimmerman is Hispanic. Therefore, I don’t see the case as being a black people vs. white people fight in terms of defendant vs. plaintiff. The case becomes black people vs. white people when you put six female jurors on the case, FIVE of whom are white. Those white women did not see Trayvon as their brother, their son, their nephew or their husband. They saw him as the hoodrat who would corner them in an alley, steal their iPhone out of their car and pimp drugs on the corner.

Taking that into consideration when looking at the Trayvoning sensation, disrespecting anyone after their murder is wrong to begin with. Being an ignorant white kid just makes it that much worse.


6 thoughts on “Trayvoning: The Newest Internet Trend That You Can’t Wait to Go Away

  1. illiteratolivia says:

    WOW. This is inappropriate. It’s just another means the public is erasing Trayvon’s individuality. The right is attempting to dismiss his death and move on. The left is trying to make it a gun control issue. Even white protestors in full support of social change use the “We Are Trayvon Martin” rhetoric to appropriate his experiences. He’s death should be used as a catalyst for change but not at the expense of his personhood.

  2. Smartass says:

    They don’t NEED to see him as their brother, son, or anything like that. It is their job to, in a NON-EMOTIONAL OR BIASED WAY, look at the evidence, compare it to the laws, and then draw a conclusion. His death was tragic, but it was NOT a murder. Chritst, you people.

  3. satyriasis69 says:

    I think this is black comedy at its finest (no pun intended). Free of speech and expression, accept it.

  4. Tomas says:

    Oh, boo-hoo! Disrespect me after I’M dead, I could not care less! I’ll be DEAD, after all…
    Thanks for posting these pics of “Trayvoning”, to the interwebs.. I had a good laugh.
    None of us were there to witness the events as they transpired. Regardless of what the media would have us believe, it doesn’t affect YOU or I, so lighten up!

  5. Disagrees says:

    LEL U MAD BRO? 😀

  6. omalone1 says:

    Gwiz,maybe these white people just need to be educated

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