Why Does Everyone Hate Rolling Stone All of a Sudden?

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July 19, 2013 by gabnormal

Rolling Stone effectively pissed off about half the nation with the cover of their newest issue that features Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Similar outrage erupted back in 1970 when the music/political mag put serial killer Charles Manson on the cover.

There’s more than a few arguments against the cover. One is that RS is glorifying this guy and turning him into a celebrity. Going along with that, another argument says that by giving him the cover RS is giving him attention that may be taken in a positive light, and it’s giving him what he wants.

First, let me say that criminals ARE celebrities. Everyone is all up in their business, just for different reasons. So, that’s invalid. Second, the headline on the cover that accompanies the image calls him a monster. So no, it’s not glorifying him. People who take offense to this image are more than likely taking offense to a few other things but since RS is the vehicle that is what they’re going to aim their rage at.

Essentially, Tsarnaev is very good looking. He’s also foreign. Foreign terrorists are not supposed to be attractive. They are not supposed to have anything good about them. Criminals are supposed to be ugly. And this guy definitely is not.

I see this level of outrage being due to the fact that Tsarnaev is a radical Muslim. If he were white, there wouldn’t be nearly as much outrage. There is still a deep running hatred towards Muslims and people from the Middle East in general, which has been growing since the attacks of September 11.

Additionally, no one is reading what RS is saying. They are making a statement about how one seemingly kind, normal kid who appeared to have assimilated into American culture perfectly could turn into a “monster.” BuzzFeed made a similar connection.

As a nation we are also going through anger and backlash from the Trayvon Martin case. A nation which is already suffering due to racial and cultural differences can only react in such a way when they feel as though they are being attacked again.

It seems that this is how many people view the Rolling Stone cover. They see it as an attack; against the victims, their families, and against ‘Merican values.

For some reason people think that the clear definition of All American is white people grilling hot dogs and playing baseball.

Guess what? It’s none of those things, and all of those things. Everyone has seemed to forget that America is a melting pot, and that’s the most important thing.

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