Maybe There is Hope for the Younger Generation

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July 22, 2013 by gabnormal

Remember that Cheerio’s commercial that caught so much unfortunate hate on YouTube?

Well here it is.

Now if you notice the comments have been disabled. This is due to the unfortunate amount of racism that is obviously still rampant in America today.

The fact that there were so many comments on this video referring to race in such a negative way proves that racism is still an issue in America, and that all the white conservatives who say race isn’t an issue because we have a black president need to shut the fuck up.

Even little kids know that “love is love,” and this video is proof. As part of Fine Bros. Production, this video actually made me think that there may be some hope for the future of America.

And if it made me feel that way you know it’s gotta be powerful.

Check it out.

Oh, and props goes to Cheerios for not removing their commercial from either YouTube or TV. You guys rock.


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