Six Week Abortion Ban in Texas is No Surprise


July 24, 2013 by gabnormal

It’s not a surprise that Texas introduced a bill that will ban abortions after six weeks.

What some people may not know is that many women don’t even know that they are pregnant at six weeks.

The new bill would require invasive, transvaginal ultrasounds that are used to detect a fetus’ heartbeat and so far North Dakota is the only state that bans abortions after six weeks.

This bill was introduced the same day that Rick Perry signed a bill that may (will) lead to the closure of most abortion clinics in Texas.


2 thoughts on “Six Week Abortion Ban in Texas is No Surprise

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  2. […] This all comes in the wake of not only the work of Wendy Davis, who tried to keep abortion even close to legal in Texas, but also in the unfortunate aftermath of the law that was eventually passed which will work to close all abortion clinics in Texas. […]

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