Tumblr App Bans #Gay #Lesbian and #Bisexual Tags for iOS


July 26, 2013 by gabnormal


Tumblr‘s mobile app for iOS has blocked searches for tags including gay, bisexual and lesbian in efforts to adhere to Apple‘s App Store policies.

According to Tumblr, those tags continue to yield NSFW (not safe for work) content such as porn. That being said, tags such as #masturbate have not been blocked, so what’s the deal?

As a community, Tumblr has always been filled with Glee gifs, rainbow flags and posts about overall acceptance of the LGBT community. (LGBTQ is still searchable and has not been blocked).

These blocked terms are only for the iPhone app. Android’s can still search and access results from the hashtags, gay, lesbian and bisexual, as long as their safe search setting is off.

Immediately following Tumblr’s (who was just recently acquired by internet giant Yahoo!) block of these terms was obvious outrage and more than likely a large amount of the Tumblr community who feels alienated from the social media source.

Questions have been made as to whether or not this is an anti-gay move on Tumblr’s part.

I don’t think it is. If it were, the search terms would also be blocked on Android system’s app. If Tumblr were really on an anti-gay agenda, they would have blocked the terms for both operating systems, along with anything else LGBTQ related.

That being said, the fact that #masturbate has not been blocked still doesn’t make sense, and it seems that the culprit to these moves would be more in Apple’s territory, although the company has previously been noted as one of the giants who supports the gay community and gay marriage.

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