Anti-Abortion Group Hands Out Fetus Dolls to Children at North Dakota State Fair

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July 29, 2013 by gabnormal

Minot Right to Life, a local North Dakota branch of the anti-abortion group Right to Life, handed out fetus dolls to children as young as five at a state fair earlier this month.

Parents both liberal and conservative were disturbed and upset by the groups actions, with one father, Rob Port, editor of conservative blog Say Anything, saying that the group is doing “More harm than good.”

Which is true. Many young children don’t even know where babies come from, much less anything regarding the raging abortion debate that’s been taking place nationwide in recent weeks.

Showing anyone, of any age, a traumatizing image or object never helps. Ever. In this case, the only thing these dolls, one version is known as Precious Ones, do is upset and confuse those who they have been given to. Besides the fact that many young children don’t even know how babies are made, if they grow up with this type of imagery being forced on them and are ever faced with an unplanned pregnancy it will be that much harder for them to make a decision. Childhood events often follow us throughout our lives and the image of a fucking fetus would fuck with my head if I was a five-year-old at a STATE FAIR.

Which, by the way, who the fuck does Right to Life think they are? They weren’t even asking for permission from the children’s parents to hand these out. And considering many of the dolls made their way into the trash I’m guessing there’s a reason they didn’t ask in the first place.


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