Axe Cool Metal Collection Commercial Makes Dudes Look Dumb, Increases Belief in Male Stereotypes


July 29, 2013 by gabnormal

Axe recently released this commercial for their Cool Metal Collection. It makes men look like idiots. (Not that there aren’t men who are idiots, but still, not all of them are). According to Axe, when a man sees a beautiful woman he turns into a blundering fool, who can’t control himself or pay attention to the task at hand.

There are so many things that this commercial says about men that simply aren’t true, and I don’t know where to start.

1) Men Can’t Work Around Women, They’re Just Too Beautiful.

This commercial is based in a stereotype. Men are perfectly capable of driving motorcycles, working in the chem lab and doing numerous other things while in the presence of beautiful women. They’re not so dumb as to be so easily blinded by a pretty face.

2) It’s a Hormonal-Man Thing, They Can’t Control It

This commercial feeds into the stereotype that men are ravenous beings who can’t control themselves. Men are so driven by testosterone that they physically can’t think with anything besides their dicks, thereby insinuating that women should stay inside where they belong so the men can get real work done.

3) Boys Will Be Boys

All in all, Axe is following the age-old sentiment that Boys will be Boys. An excuse that is as empty as the head of the person who created this commercial.

By reinforcing these stereotypes, Axe is creating an environment that says women are best used for their looks and that men can’t control themselves but we can’t blame them because testosterone. Additionally, by calling the evolution of women’s appearance as a whole a “crisis,” Axe is blaming women for men who can’t get things done. Since historically, everything is a woman’s fault, I’m not surprised that they said this.


2 thoughts on “Axe Cool Metal Collection Commercial Makes Dudes Look Dumb, Increases Belief in Male Stereotypes

  1. Fat Albert says:

    Man, “stereotype” aint nothin but politically correct, publically sanctioned, media-cannonized PREJUDICE, pure and simple! And like any other kind of prejudice, it HURTS many people. Prejudice is stupidity at it’s finest. And nobody want’s to be “branded!” It’s a real shame. ….”only FAGS play guitars!” “Singers only SING ’cause theyre GAY!” “Only QUEERS wear long hair and ride skate boards!”( There’s a-comment that aughtta get somebody PUNCHED!) “Man that pld music is only for “pedos”, “fags” and “grandparents!!” …”Ginger kids ( people with red hair ) are hot tempered, arsonists, children of the devil, descendants of Judas, related to foxes and jackals, and are just as hot tempered “downstairs” as they are upstairs ( meaning that they “spout off” real quick, and as such, they ( the red haired men ) are worthless sexually, except when having “GAY” sex!!! ( ANOTHER belief that should get some folks knocked out cold! )” As a “result” of the aformentioned stereotype, red haired men, be they regular folk or sexy BODY-BUILDERS, are 199 % BANNED from participating in “porn!” The one and ONLY exception is if it’s GAY porn and THEY are the ones “recieving” ( oh GOD yuck! ) it!!! But if you’re a flamin’ red haired “heterosexual” stagg, you can FORGET it, Jack. You’ll never be ALLOWED to get into the adult entertainment business, … PERIOD!!! For you, it’s NO DOGS ALLOWED, and , guess WHO’s the “dog!” These are all perticularly “hurtful” examples of very VERY promonent stereotypes ( universally accepted and sanctioned “prejudices” and “stigmas”) that do, indeed, have very strong social and political “weight” behind them. And back in the 1950s, black folks knew, all too painfully well, what universally accepted and sanctioned “prejudice” and negative “stigmata” can really “DO” to a given peoples!!! Today’s SEX OFFENDERS are experiencing that butt ugly reality first-hand right fricken NOW!!!! Truth is, THE HUMAN RACE IS EVERY BIT AS PREJUDICED AND IGNORANT AS IT EVER WAS!!! AINT NOBODY’S LEARNED NOTHIN!!!!

  2. Fat Albert says:

    Again, we’re EVERY BIT as prejudiced as we’ve ever been. Nobody’s learned NOTHIN! You know, sooner or later here, God’s going to loose-patience with the human race ( ALL OF IT ) and when He finally does, he’s going to ” throw in the towel!!!” He did that once before, ( or does anybody even remember?!?), and the world was wiped clean!!! Let’s knock it off and quit “judging” other people! Judge others, and you will be judged!!! Only those found to be ” without sin ” are fit to stone sinners to death!!!! Let those that have ears to “hear” listen!!!

    By the way….hey hey hey.

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