Journalism is A Boys Club; Philadelphia Journalist Files Lawsuit and Shows How it Really is

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August 2, 2013 by gabnormal

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Philadelphia journalist Tara Murtha has filed a lawsuit against her employer, Philadelphia Weekly, saying that she was not compensated equally with her male colleagues.

Since filing, Murtha has been ridiculed by other Philadelphia publications, like the Philadelphia City Paper, where Ryan Briggs penned a satirical piece on how he feels when he’s at the office, which has an almost entirely female staff, and The Philly Post who called Murtha’s actions “odd.” This isn’t surprising, but nonetheless disappointing.

Journalism, like most other career fields, is a boys club. It always has been, and unfortunately still is. Not only this, but when a woman files a lawsuit claiming that she was wrongfully compensated due to her sex, the rest of the journalism community (see: men) laughs in her face. It’s all just a big joke. She’s being too sensitive because LOL she’s a female. Even other females have said that the J-Club is a Boys Club. Some of those women have also made the mistake of telling their female colleagues to get a “thicker skin.”

Getting a thicker skin does not make mistreatment based on sex/gender okay. Getting a thicker skin does not change the game or make it any less difficult for women to compete against their male peers. Getting a thicker skin does not make sexism go away, and it never will.


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