Yale Finds Six Students Guilty of “Non-consensual Sex,” Barely Punishes Any of Them


August 2, 2013 by gabnormal

Yale University has found six students guilty of “non-consensual sex” (see: rape) and has allowed all of them to return to the Ivy League university to continue their education.

Only one of the six students was suspended and then allowed to come back to campus, therefore still receiving the prestigious Ivy League title. Yale has been fined $155,000 by the Education Department for failing to properly report the crimes.

This isn’t new. Colleges and Universities all over the nation have created a bubble in which college students live in, protecting them from what would normally cause a lot of damage to their personal lives and reputations if they tried to get away with it in the real world.

Dartmouth University has been a known culprit in the past, for creating a Frat House atmosphere, where anything goes and no one gets in trouble. (There’s your answer for all the Wall Street scandals). This includes sexual assault. Women who are assaulted know that even if they wanted to press charges that it would be pointless because the school won’t actually do anything and instead they will face harassment from their peers on top of being assaulted in the first place.

Duke University has taken steps to change all of this, by stating that their preferred punishment for cases involving sexual assault will be expulsion.

Calling it “non-consensual sex” instead of rape, which is what it actually is, lessens the meaning behind it the words. Non-consensual sex doesn’t illicit the same response as the word rape and it never will. This is just another way to let the predators go, and make it seem like they’re not that bad, because boys will be boys. And we all know how that goes.


One thought on “Yale Finds Six Students Guilty of “Non-consensual Sex,” Barely Punishes Any of Them

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