Remember Olivia From the Cosby Show? She’s a Lesbian!


August 5, 2013 by gabnormal

But seriously why is this news?

I mean, good for her. In all seriousness I think it’s great that Raven Symone came out on Friday via her twitter account. But why is this a big deal? Why is it all over the news/social internet forums? Being gay isn’t a big deal, so why is everyone making such a fuss over it?

I suppose that things like this need to happen, and people need to make a fuss over things that aren’t fuss-worthy in order for them to one day become normal and ordinary, so essentially this is just the process to get to where things should be. But it’s still annoying, because from now on she won’t be known as Raven Symone, the girl who played Olivia on the Cosby Show or Raven Symone, the girl from That’s so Raven. She’ll be Raven Symone, the black, lesbian actress, when in reality sexual orientation should have approximately zero connection to her career.


One thought on “Remember Olivia From the Cosby Show? She’s a Lesbian!

  1. […] recently, Raven Symone came out after years of rumors, while other celebs like Queen Latifah, Janelle Monae and Joseph […]

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