Know Your IX – This Group Wants to Make Your College Safer

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August 9, 2013 by gabnormal

A new activist group, Know Your IX, has formed to help college students who have been victims of sexual assault and to give those who want to help the cause a place to do so.

The site offers general advice on Title IX, how it works and what it means for college kids. It also offers the same for the Clery Act.

All of this is in the wake of a spike in reports of sexual assault coming from colleges and universities all over the nation. The theory that many officials have come to is not that rates of rape and sexual assault are rising, but that they have never been properly reported in the past. Essentially, schools (like the much talked about Yale University) have been sweeping accusations of rape and sexual assault under the rug, presumably because they fear that such reports would lead to a drop in enrollment.

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