Want to Sell Your Eggs for Research? California Gov. Jerry Brown Says No

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August 19, 2013 by gabnormal

After the awesome move of allowing students K-12 to choose which bathroom they want to use, California Gov. Jerry Brown took a step back on doling out rights when he vetoed a bill that would have allowed women in CA to sell their eggs for research.

There’s a couple of things going on here that need to be looked at, the first of which is that men can still sell their sperm for research. This act also touches on the debate over stem cell research, which is what these eggs would have been used for had the ban not gone into effect. Of course, there’s the religious aspect considering Brown studied for three years to become a priest before becoming a democratic governor.

Harvesting eggs is a semi-involved process that is way more complicated than jerking off into a cup in a donor clinic. It involves pumping women full of hormones so they release somewhere in the realm of eight eggs at once (the usual is one a month, sometimes two on the rare occasion). Then they need to go in and have them harvested which is an actual procedure that is nowhere near as pleasurable as what men do when they donate their reproductive goods.

All this being said, women are still allowed to sell their eggs for fertility purposes. So, a woman can sell her eggs to get another woman pregnant but she can’t sell them for research that would help with said fertility issues.

What? Governor Brown, that doesn’t make quite sense. But maybe I shouldn’t say that because the legislature might try to ban donating eggs for fertility too.

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