PA Voter ID Law May be Blocked by Court Order; Where’s the VRA When You Need it?

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August 21, 2013 by gabnormal

A judge in Harrisburg, PA, issued an order that will hopefully block an voter ID law which may affect voting in November.

The law would require specific voter identification at the polls, making it difficult for young voters, women, minorities, the elderly and the poor to go out and vote. All of these are demographics that tend to vote democrat (for the most part) which may be the reason behind the GOP’s push to put this law into effect.

The constitutionality of this law, and others like it, has been questioned before. This is the third consecutive election where a law like this has been directly blocked by court order.

Essentially, the problem that a law like this creates for voters is the fact that many people don’t have photo ID’s in the first place, additionally, those who do may have a different name on it (like a woman who got married and changed her name on her drivers license but has her maiden name on her voter registration).

The law itself is practically pointless seeing as the problem is is trying to resolve barely exists in the first place. Who wants to go out and vote as someone else? Voting fraud is practically non-existent and considering the fact that many people view voting as a pain in the ass to begin with, I can’t think of anyone who would go out of the way to do it.

All of this in in the wake of the not-so-much talked about SCOTUS ruling on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, wherein a 5-4 decision struck down the law which has worked so well to create an equal and free environment for people to vote in the United States.

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