Period Pride; Is it Necessary?


August 21, 2013 by gabnormal

Photo Credit: Vice Magazine

Photo Credit: Vice Magazine

Everyone’s talking about their period. CNN, Jezebel and Rookie all recently put out pieces about menstruation after an ad from tampon/pad/candy-delivery service HelloFlo, that has the internet buzzing about uteri, blood and mucosal tissue.

The shaming of periods is fucked up. I don’t really care that some guys get grossed out at the thought of blood and uterine lining leaving my body through my vagina. It’s completely natural, it let’s me know my body is functioning properly and that I am predominantly healthy when it comes to my reproductive organs, and it also let’s me know that I’m not pregnant which is the most awesome part of periods (at least it is for me and other women who don’t want kids).

Anyone who is going to make a woman feel embarrassed about her period is a child and shouldn’t be allowed near vagina’s until they can get over themselves and realize that the sole purpose of a woman’s vag is not to please anyone.

Also, since this site is a no-double-standard zone, I’m going to say that if it’s acceptable to talk about shit/vomit/farts/other gross things that bodies emit then I’m going to say that it’s also perfectly acceptable to talk about periods and have zero negative reaction come from it.

That’s pretty much how I see my period. I never really thought much of it to begin with, but I did get pissed when I felt shamed or embarrassed by it. The utter humiliation that my 12-year-old self felt when I bled through my jeans in the seventh grade was unbearable, and thanks be to God that no one said anything about it either on the day that it happened or any time after that, because I’m pretty sure I would have died as soon as the words left their mouth. Even though no one said anything, I was still mortified.

Today, I don’t really make much fuss about it. I’ve been on birth control for six years and counting, which means my period usually lasts about 3-4 days, I don’t normally get cramps, mild to non-existent bloating and no weird cravings/mood swings. All of this is pretty cool for me and I do realize that for some women it’s unbearable. It comes at an incredibly irregular rate, causes gut-wrenching cramps, vast mood swings, uncomfortable bloating, pain and a general feeling of awful-ness all around.

Whether your period is mild like mine or sensationally terrible like others, I don’t really see what there is to be proud of. It’s no great accomplishment seeing that practically every other woman with reproductive organs gets her period too. Getting your period doesn’t make you special. In that same vain I don’t think that we are over-exaggerating the topic of periods like this article from Slate says.

What I do see is the point in making period conversations a non-issue. Women shouldn’t feel embarrassed over something that they have no control over, nor over something that is completely normal and acceptable. The problem here is that many straight men don’t want to think about the vagina as something other than their pleasure toy. To that, all I have to say is; grow up. Vagina’s aren’t here for men, they never were, and they never will be.

2 thoughts on “Period Pride; Is it Necessary?

  1. I love this! I’ve always had a horrible period, until I recently was put on birth control to treat symptoms for endometriosis. My point of view is if I have to endure all of this crap and feel generally disgusting every single month, then the least the men in my life can do is listen to me talk about it!

    • gabnormal says:

      Seriously! And by having men make a big deal about it just makes the whole embarrassment part of periods worse. I never understood what the fuss was. Periods aren’t the grossest things in the world, and I’m about 100% positive people have regular conversations about grosser things, so the stigma needs to go.

      P.S. I’m sorry you have rough periods. Mine used to come every five days and last for ten. That was when I was 16 and was the reason I started taking birth control in the first place.

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