Awesome British Chick Replaces Absurd Ads With Even More Awesome Feminist Drawings

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August 23, 2013 by gabnormal


UK feminist-artist Sarah Maple has taken to replacing the more-often-than-not offensive ads in British tabloids that depict women in the stereotypical way of dehumanized figures with awesome feminist imagery, using women such as Frida Kahlo and Kathleen Hanna as part of her inspiration.

Her doodles also use phrases like “the body is not a commodity” and “It’s okay to like boobs but boobs ain’t news,” which are then pasted into the papers guerrilla-art-warfare style by not only Maple but the 500 other feminists she has formed relationships with over time.

Maple has taken specific issue with The Sun, a tabloid which apparently runs the most offensive images on their feature that is titled Page 3. Since November 1970, Page 3 has featured topless glamor models in every issue, the online version of this feature spread has done the same since June 1999. The women featured here are known as “Page 3 girls.” Following suit, other UK tabloids have also began doing the same, although The Sun is probably most well-known for this type of behavior. The Irish version of The Sun has apparently dropped the feature from its issues.



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