Social Media Often Promotes War on Women

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August 26, 2013 by gabnormal

I received an email from the Pinterest team telling me that they removed one of my pins because it doesn’t comply with their content policies and also, if I could please remove any other pins that go against their policies? Thanks!

The exact link that I was directed to via the email is here.

email from pinterest

This is the photo that I had pinned on my board that is all body modifications, it includes tattoos and piercings that I like, or body modification related things.


These are tattoos done by artist Vinnie Myers, who seems to specialize in nipple reconstruction for women who have survived breast cancer. I think stuff like this is awesome. Using body modification to reclaim your body after something that many people consider to be disfiguring is an amazing use of what most of society still considers to be taboo.

pinterest sexy?

No, Pinterest, I don’t understand how tattooed nipples are too sexy.


So why does social media have such a problem with it? Facebook was under fire recently for allowing content that promoted rape and abuse towards women while they wouldn’t allow photos like the one below. Photos like the one above don’t comply with many sites content policies even though the nipples featured aren’t even real, and photos like the one below are also removed for being considered offensive, when there’s literally nothing offensive about it.


All of this perpetuates the oversexualization of women’s bodies, breasts in particular. Social media might be the largest offender of this as of today, considering its wide range of audience which spans the entire world, as opposed to print media that may only have a limited reach.

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