Joseph Maida Challenges the Phrase “Scantily Clad”

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August 28, 2013 by gabnormal

Photo Credit: Joseph Maida

Photo Credit: Joseph Maida

Photographer Joseph Maida has taken scantily clad to a new dimension, with his photo series New Natives, a collection of photographs that depict men in the same way female models are often portrayed, but it’s not like the cheesy, Chippendale’s-esque calendars that you find at the dollar store kind of way.

Maida’s photographs challenge the notion of masculinity through putting men in what is traditionally considered feminine poses, often wearing nothing, or close to it. The images make you rethink everything you ever thought about femininity vs. masculinity and what does it really mean to be a girly girl or a man’s man? Are these phrases even relevant anymore? Probably not. The complexities that exist within human identification categories simply can’t be broken down into strictly feminine and masculine anymore, as if they ever really could have been to begin with.

New Natives gets the conversation started, and that might just be the most awesome part about it.

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