BREAKING: Plus-Size Feminist Called a Lesbian, Feminists Say “Again?”


August 30, 2013 by gabnormal

this is what a feminist looks like meme

Feminist Kelly Martin Broderick is the internet’s newest target, but instead of raging she took her experience and has turned it into what will surely become a full-fledged viral campaign.

Broderick’s photo of herself holding a piece of paper that says “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” sparked massive controversy after it was turned into a meme with the caption “That’s Pretty Much What We Expected.” The all-inclusive “we” that’s used here is bullshit, first off. It assumes that everyone is just as ignorant and biased as the meme’s creator. Additionally, it perpetuates the theory that all feminists are fat, therefore they can’t get a man, therefore they become lesbians (what even), and consequently they own a lot of cats because you know, feminism. That’s exactly how that whole thing works.

The meme has received thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, and Broderick has had a hard time getting the social networking site to remove the photo, which isn’t surprising considering Facebook has been known to support what they consider comedy, when really it’s harassment that often encourages stereotypes and violence against women.

In response to all of this, Broderick created the tumblr account, We Are What Feminists Look Like, a blog that posts photos of all different-looking types of feminists because much like every other group, it’s members all look different. There is no one standard for what a feminist looks like, despite the fat-lesbian-cat-loving stereotype that too many people are familiar with.

The predecessor to We Are What Feminists Look Like is Who Needs Feminism? (The two accounts aren’t related, WNF? just came before WAWFLL in the timeline of events). There were 247 pages on WNF? at the time of this posting, all full of reasons why we as a society need feminism.

Although both sites are amazing and both are working for a great cause, it’s sad and pathetic that there even are reasons for feminism in the first place. We shouldn’t need it, equality should come standard.

One thought on “BREAKING: Plus-Size Feminist Called a Lesbian, Feminists Say “Again?”

  1. Thank you for the thoughts and support!!! I hope you submit a picture!

    xo Kelly

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