Funny or Die Releases Best Christian Mingle Spoof Ad Ever

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September 6, 2013 by gabnormal

The Gay Christian Mingle from Cheyenne Jackson

Normally I think that Funny or Die’s videos are kinda lame, but I’m beginning to think that I just never saw the good ones.

This joke on the Christian Mingle ads is on point. From front pleated pants to dancing in the kitchen, this minute and fifteen second long commercial has it all.

The spoof also pointed out that the company that owns Christian Mingle is the same company that owns JDate. Upon further investigation, the company, Spark Networks, whose slogan is “Igniting Relationships” has cornered the market on what they call “niche dating.” This means that Spark Networks not only owns and operates Christian Mingle and JDate, they do the same for,, (Latter Day Saints i.e. Mormon faith), Catholic Mingle, Jewish Mingle, Cupid and BBWPersonals (Big Beautiful Women). Yes. All of these sites, almost all of which are centered around religious beliefs, are run by the same company. Seems legit, right?

Just watch the ad. You’ll be glad you did.


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