Stop Calling It Female Masturbation

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September 13, 2013 by gabnormal

Artist Christine Cha wants everyone to feel comfortable talking about women masturbating.

On September 19, Cha is hosting an “art mission” called “Rub Out,” a session where she wants women to gather in a gallery and rub parts of the walls to bring awareness and encourage people to feel comfortable when talking about women who masturbate.

Masturbating is another thing that women aren’t supposed to do. No one talks about it, and many people of both genders feel uncomfortable even acknowledging that it happens. We can start breaking down this pointless stigma by not calling it “female masturbation.” When this article from the Huffington Post was first published, the headline included the term female masturbation to which one twitter user called them out on.

Stop Calling it Female Masturbation

Since then the headline has been changed to what it is now, but the lead still uses female masturbation as a phrase that, just as in many cases, puts women in the “other” category. Everything is designed for men, therefore when a woman does it it must be specified as such.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this piece and think that it’s great that the Huffington Post is covering topics like this. In this case though, they missed the mark by using a phrase which directly combats what the article is trying to say.

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