Transvaginal Ultrasounds Have Gone From Necessary Medical Procedure to Torture

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September 13, 2013 by gabnormal

A woman from Illinois went to the hospital in February hoping to receive proper medical care for severe abdominal pain and instead was subjected to what could be the worst possible medical scenario a woman might face.

Marianne Keith, who had transvaginal ultrasounds in the past when going through fertility treatments, was told by her doctor that it would be a good idea to have one done during her hospital visit to try to find out what was causing her pain. She was then subjected to an hour long ultrasound which left her with not only physical injuries but emotional trauma as well.

Keith has stated that she felt like she was being raped, as the probe was repeatedly jammed into different parts of internal portions of her body.

Although certain medical procedures are a necessary evil, it’s up to the technician to make sure that it’s bearable, and to definitely not make it worse. Routine visits to the gynecologist are never pleasant, but from personal experience doctors have always made them at quick as possible, obviously cutting down on the time spent in discomfort. It seems that more and more transvaginal ultrasounds are being used against women instead of for them. Since they can be necessary in some instances, regulations should be in place to make sure women are protected from cases like Keith’s. Regulations such as these should extend to all invasive medical procedures, not just ones that effect only women.


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