Who Cares if a Celebrity is Gay?

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September 16, 2013 by gabnormal

More and more celebrities are being scrutinized for their sexuality, and many of them are refusing to confirm their sexual orientation.

Most recently, Raven Symone came out after years of rumors, while other celebs like Queen Latifah, Janelle Monae and Joseph Gordon-Levitt refuse to address similar rumors. Gordon-Levitt specifically said it would be “tacky” to address the rumors, and that if he were to do so that “they would win,” we can assume that by “they” he means the media and/or society.

A person’s sexual orientation is irrelevant in most cases. Whether or not these celebrities prefer partners of their own gender or not has nothing to do with their career, or their skills as actors, musicians, etc.

Journalist Anderson Cooper summed it up best in a talk at Temple University last fall when he said “I wanted to be known as a journalist, not a gay journalist.”


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