California Wants to Fix the Black/White Ratio of its Prisoners

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September 18, 2013 by gabnormal

The excessive black population in prisons in America spearheads the stereotype that all black people are criminals of one form or another, but the disproportionate rate of incarcerated blacks isn’t due to them being more of the criminal variety.

Studies have shown that whites are more likely to have used most types of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, LSD, and weed, however blacks are more likely to go to jail for these offenses. Whites are also more likely to use hallucinogens, meth and prescription pain killers.

Essentially, cops go into low-income, minority neighborhoods and make most of their arrests there, which is why in most cases whites get away with drug offenses.

Once someone is convicted of a felony, it’s almost impossible for someone to get access to a job, housing or and education, all of which are the most important to keeping someone out of prison. California is trying to combat this problem with a bill, SB 649, which would put more drugs in the “wobbler” category. Wobblers are drugs that can either fall into the misdemeanor or felony categories, such as meth and LSD. CA is trying to put other drugs like cocaine and heroine into the wobbler association so that less people charged will have felonies on their records, giving them a better chance at getting a job and an education, which will hopefully keep them out of the system.


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