Once a Month Birth Controll Pill Begs the Question, Why is the Conversation Always Around Women?

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September 25, 2013 by gabnormal


When it comes to birth control, the conversation is always based around women. It’s the woman’s job to take birth control, and it’s the woman’s job to prevent babies. And, if she gets pregnant, it’s her fault, and solely her fault.

The line “you can’t get pregnant by yourself” has become cliche by this point, but still fits the bill.

A new form of birth control that would only need to be taken once a month is in the works. But what about birth control for men? They mentioned this in health class back in 2005, so where is it? Women have pills, IUD’s, diaphrams (though hardly anyone uses those), shots, vaginal rings and hormone releasing patches, just to name a few. Men have condoms.

What gives? This is a story that has been re-told a million different ways. It’s the age-old double standard that women are solely responsible for whether or not they get pregnant, despite the fact that it’s impossible to get pregnant by yourself.

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