Even Anita Perry Says Abortion is a “Women’s Right”

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September 30, 2013 by gabnormal

Rick Perry’s wife made news when she declared abortion a woman’s right.

Anita Perry, in an interview with the Texas Tribune, said that although it wouldn’t be her personal choice to have an abortion, that women overall have the right to make the choice for themselves and if they decide to do so that it is their decision alone, and it is something that they alone have to live with.

Although all that stuff is awesome, The First Lady of Texas has fallen for the trap Republicans set up using legislation disguised as being in favor of women’s healthcare. The bill she referenced would have required a hospital to be within a certain distance of the clinic, along with having higher level physicians who also are granted access to work in a hospital. That sounds all well and dandy except for the fact that it is 1) unnecessary and 2) increases expenses for abortion clinics to the point that they can no longer afford to stay open in the first place.

Despite her personal feelings, Mrs. Perry said that as a state Texas does not approve of abortions, which falls in line with the restrictions her husband signed into law this summer, which will eventually force almost all of the abortion clinics in Texas to close down.

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