GOP Continues War on Women with Conscience Clause

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September 30, 2013 by gabnormal

The GOP introduced a measure that will be put to a vote Saturday which will determine if employers will be required to cover birth control for women in their health benefits plan.

Republicans are looking to limit contraceptive coverage by allowing employers and insurers to opt out of providing it to women based on moral or religious grounds. This new addition is called the “conscience clause.”

Under Obamacare, preventative care for women would be free. Yup, free. GCR pays $24 a month for their 28-day supply of hormones, and that’s only because they got a coupon from their doctor. Without that coupon, Minastrin usually costs $42 dollars a month. Crazy how much of a difference a simple flip of numbers can make.

The never-ending wordplay on the part of politicians is astounding. Of COURSE employers WANT to have a conscience. EVERYONE should have a conscience, because being morally aware of your actions is a good thing! So obviously, so is this clause. And if you are without conscience, or subscribe to sub-standard morals, you’re a bad person.

All this right before the government is going to shut down.


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