Awesome 8-Year-Old Know More About Feminism Than You

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October 7, 2013 by gabnormal


Constance Cooper and her awesome, feminist daughter KC, were at a book store in the UK when KC yelled for her mom’s attention.

Cooper thought her daughter was going to ask for something in the store but instead was shocked to find that her daughter was actually upset over two incredibly sexist books.

The books, one called GIRLS ONLY: How to Survive (Almost) Anything! and the other, BOYS ONLY: How to Survive (Almost) Anything! took gender stereotypes to the extreme, and in doing so hurt both little boys and girls. Not only did the images on the front scream sexism – a boy about to fight an angry alligator (or crocodile, whatever) vs. two girls, one swinging from a zipline and the other posing for the camera in a mini-skirt – but the content did as well.

For the boys, important subjects covered include:

  • How to Survive a Shark Attack
  • How to Survive if Your Parachute Fails
  • How to Survive a Sinking Ship

For the girls, however, the very first survival skill listed is How to Survive a BFF Fight.

Our eyes are rolling already. Before we list some of the most ridiculous survival skills ever, we’d like to point out that in creating these types of “survival” scenarios for boys and girls, the authors of this book blatantly state that girls only ever have to worry about trivial matters like a fight with their best friend, and that boys have more important matters to worry about, like croc attacks and earthquakes. Because, you know, girls are either too stupid or too delicate to deal with such manly things.

Girls Only includes:

  • How to Have the Best Sleepover Ever(!!!)
  • How to Survive Tests (because girls are stupid, and taking tests is REALLY hard for them)
  • How to Pick Perfect Sunglasses (Seriously ladies, this is a life skill that you MUST master in order to succeed in life)

You can check out the entire list of skills here.

Other particularly disgusting “survival skills” include how to look your best for a party, how to spot a frenemy, and one of our favorites, how to teach your cat to sit. Because, you know, how can you survive if your cat doesn’t know how to sit?!

These are important, life saving skills people! No one can go through life without knowing how to survive truth or dare.

It goes without saying that these books rank importance of different survival scenarios that girls and boys go through. Agreed, boys and girls lead different lives and will be faced with certain scenarios that are gender-specific, however, EVERY survival skill listed in the boys book applies to girls too, just as many of the skills listed in the girls book apply to boys. (Many because some of them are just ridiculous-how to teach your cat to sit? Really…)

The most atrocious of all the “skills” listed for girls is How to Turn a No into a Yes.

REALLY?! This screams sexual assault. There is never a time in anyone’s life where they will need to turn a no into a yes. If your gut or your logic or your heart is saying no, that means no.

No means no. Turning a no into a yes is not a survival skill, it’s a prime opportunity for someone to get seriously hurt. The fact that the authors would put this in there is disgraceful.

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