Loyola Marymount University Eliminates Health Coverage for Abortions for Faculty and Staff

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October 11, 2013 by gabnormal

LMU has voted to get rid of health coverage for abortions, but they provide an option for employees to seek coverage at their own expense.


Let’s start with the fact that abortion coverage is not like other health coverage. People (typically) get sick on an annual basis. They do not, however, generally get abortions on an annual basis. Therefore, abortion coverage being as widely available as it is should be covered, no questions asked. It’s a problem that doesn’t occur incredibly often, so the coverage should be made available, because for many women they don’t even run into this problem in the first place.

Secondly, LMU, how are you going to tell employees that you won’t cover their abortion health coverage but you’ll help send them right to the door of an abortion clinic? None of that makes sense. Maybe the university is trying to say that they don’t necessarily condemn abortions, but aren’t looking to get their hands dirty either.

Even then, it’s all nonsense. The Pope even said that the church focuses too much on abortion and gay rights issues, so why would a Catholic university even make this an issue?

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