Verily Magazine Does the Unthinkable: A PhotoShop-Free Mag

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October 14, 2013 by gabnormal

Photo Credit: Verily

Photo Credit: Verily

Women’s Lifestyle mag Verily has gone ahead and done what everyone with a real, non-shopped body was asking for, a full magazine without any use of PhotoShop whatsoever.

The publication began in 2011 with an idea hatched by co-founders Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm. Today they want to depict and promote real women in a real way, not real women in a fake way like most other women’s mags do (cough CosmoGlamourCosmoGirlTeenVogue cough). This PRINT publication won’t have you regretting that donut you had for breakfast or the double-double animal style and milkshake you treated yourself to at lunch. Instead, they show real women with real bodies and real appetites. Not only that, Verily won’t hide crows feet, grey hair, freckles or anything else that bodies naturally come with but are often seen as something to hide or get rid of.

GCR found this to be the best thing we’ve read on Verily’s site so far, “Verily is a magazine less about who you should be, and more of who you are.”

Finally. A women’s mag that actually gets it.


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