The Scar Project: What Breast Cancer Survival Really Looks Like

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October 18, 2013 by gabnormal

Photo credit: David Jay

Photo credit: David Jay

We’ve all seen those photos floating around on the internet. Women who have had mastectomies or double mastectomies who then get tattoos over where they used to have breasts, as a means of reclaiming their body as their own.

But breast cancer and survival is so much more than empowering body modification and a few thousand Facebook likes. Not to say that those photos aren’t important, but they don’t truly represent what survivors of breast cancer look like in a broad spectrum.

Fashion photographer David Jay began The Scar Project after a female friend of his was diagnosed and decided to have a mastectomy. The Huffington Post reported that Jay said, “In our society, breast cancer is hidden behind a small pink bow. The public needs to be educated.” The projects tagline is “Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon,” which couldn’t be more than true and falls in line with the popular and highly sanitized images found online.

Showing these women in the way that Jay does does more than create shock value. If anything, the shock of the images of women who no longer carry typical feminine traits is overshadowed by the beauty they still have which is a beauty in life and the strength in beating breast cancer. This project is what the fight against breast cancer has been asking for.


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