Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey is Real; Cory Booker Officiates Weddings, Chris Christie Abandons Fight Against Gay Rights

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October 23, 2013 by gabnormal

gay-02As of 12:01 am on Monday same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey as the states governor awaits an appeal on the case.

Recently elected Senator Cory Booker opened up City Hall in Newark to officiate some of the first same-sex marriages in the state.

Booker won the recent special election in New Jersey held to find a replacement for the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. The win makes Booker only the fourth black senator to be elected to Congress by popular vote in the history of America.

NJ Gov. Christie was hoping to delay same-sex marriage in his state by appealing the State Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal. Christie has decided to drop his appeal against the courts decision after realizing that the fight was a losing battle.

This change of heart came after the State Supreme Court announced that it would not grant his request to block same-sex marriages while the appeal was being heard.

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