Halloween; That Special Time of Year People Think Being a Total Racist is OK

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October 30, 2013 by gabnormal

tumblr_mvbb9hch0n1ro4adzo1_1280The newest viral sensation to plague the interwebz is Caitlin Cimeno and two others who dressed as George Zimmerman (Greg Cimeno), Trayvon Martin (William Filene) and Caitlin as Robbin Da Hood (how clever!) for Halloween.

Obviously these costumes are the most racist thing since Julianne Hough donned blackface so she could go to a Beverly Hills Halloween party as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. All of those pictured are thoughtless at best and extremely racist at worst. How incredibly fucked up is it that they would mock the death of a 17-year-old boy? This is the most disturbing part. That these three would find humor in mocking the murder of boy who was armed with only a bag of candy and can of iced tea is disgusting and one of many things that cause a complete and total lack of faith in the human race. Maybe they think that since Martin was black his murder is something to be celebrated rather than mourned. We’ll probably never know. All of this being said, there is one thing that hardly anyone is discussing and another that is being discussed too much.

Before we get into the thick of things we would like to point out that the children who were depicted on Caitlin Cimeno’s Instagram are not her kids, they are her niece and nephew. GCR found this while creeping her profile, which is now private. However this didn’t stop numerous people from threatening to kill the children, who they thought were hers, to “see how she liked it” when someone mocked their deaths.

1) Blackface.

Obviously, white people wearing blackface goes way back into the racist history of America and has more painful roots than anyone would like to admit. However, that is not all that is going on in this photo. They are depicting a mockery of the death of a young black boy, and are doing so because they more than likely saw no value in his life and therefore found this funny. Blackface is wrong, but it’s only a piece to the ugly puzzle in this case. Discussion of the rest of the puzzle needs to take place.

2) The utter destruction of Caitlin Cimeno’s life.

The aftermath of the posting of these photos has proven to be full of vicious actions inflicted primarily upon Caitlin Cimeno from total strangers.

Disclaimer: Cimeno, Cimeno and Filene were wrong and there should be some sort of punishment dealt to each of them in some shape or form. However, Caitlin has lost her job for this. Yes she’s racist, we’ve established that. So are Greg Cimeno and Will Filene for participating in this. Why aren’t they suffering the same way she is? Also, her face is everywhere, isn’t that enough? Isn’t the constant fear that she will feel for who knows how long after this incident enough of a punishment?

She’s stupid for posting personal information like where she works online, but who said it was okay to call her work and get her fired? We’re just waiting for the news to break that she has received death threats and must move to another town. There comes a definite line between punishment and torture; the fact that Cimeno’s actions were deplorable does not make the actions of others getting her fired okay.

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